AOS callout in Tautuku resolved

AOS callout in Tautuku resolved

An Armed Offenders Squad (AOS) callout in Otago has been resolved after a 12 hour standoff.

AOS and a dog team were called out to Tautuku Lodge in the Catlins at 6pm on Sunday.

There were reports of a man with car trouble acting strangely and shooting a vehicle. The 20-year-old man and a 15-year-old girl then appeared to break into Tautuku Lodge, which is no longer in use. Further shots were then fired.

Shortly after 8am today, the pair were removed from the lodge with no issues.

Senior Sergeant Alistair Dickie says they didn't know at that stage if the girl was a hostage.

Police are yet to lay any charges and have lifted the cordons on Chaslands Highway.

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