Crackdown on youth crime ahead

Crackdown on youth crime ahead

Auckland City District police have promised to crack down on youth crime tomorrow, saying that the day will be a "dark day" for youth offenders.

The crackdown is a part of the district's on-going strategy to prevent the crime caused by young people and to protect the people who often suffer from it.

"Our message is very clear," Senior Sergeant Jason Edwards says. "If you are thinking of coming into the city and committing crimes during this period, we will be waiting for you."

More than 80 police and partner agency staff will be involved in the operation. Train stations and the rail network will have an especially close eye on them, police say, as well as other known crime hotspots.

Alcohol-related harm and offended will also be monitored with road checkpoints. Licensed suppliers are reminded of their obligation to not supply minors with alcohol.

Police describe the operation as a "preventative operation" and encourage members of the public to contact them with any concerns.

Members of the public can call the Auckland Central police station on 09 302 6400, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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