Dotcom extradition saga wraps up

  • 23/11/2015
Kim Dotcom (File)
Kim Dotcom (File)

Ten weeks into what started as a four-week hearing, the United States is set to make its final arguments about why internet mogul Kim Dotcom and his co-accused should be sent to the US to face charges.

Dotcom himself was late to the hearing today, having been delayed by a police officer on the way, lawyer Simon Cogan said.

Asked by Judge Nevin Dawson if it was for speeding, Mr Cogan said it was all "above-board".

Last week, lawyers for German-born Dotcom and his co-accused wrapped up their arguments against their extradition.

US authorities allege Dotcom and his associates - Mathias Ortmann, Finn Batato and Bram van der Kolk - were involved in an organised criminal enterprise, centred on copyright violation through website Megaupload - which they say earned them US$175 million (NZ$255 million).

But the men's lawyers say the US case was "cherry-picked" to misrepresent what was a legal enterprise.

They have also argued the case should be dropped because US authorities have prevented them from hiring necessary experts.

Crown lawyer Christine Gordon, QC - on behalf of the US - is expected to take back the floor at the Auckland District Court on Monday to give the US reply to their arguments.

If extradited and found guilty in the US, the four men face charges that carry decades of jail time.