Floating houses planned for Gulf Harbour

  • 07/11/2015
An artist's impression of the floating houses planned for Gulf Harbour
An artist's impression of the floating houses planned for Gulf Harbour

One developer is taking solutions to the Auckland housing crisis to the next level, by planning floating houses for Gulf Harbour.

The Boat Sheds project has been granted consent, with the first out of 20 houses expected to be completed around April or May next year on the water of Fairway Bay Marina, the New Zealand Herald reports.

"What makes our location special is that we own the sea bed. It's part of an integrated marina development plan with approved resource consent and we have the infrastructure surrounding the location in place," development consultant to the project, Michael Webb-Speight, told the NZ Herald.

Buyers will need a long-term licence agreement for use of the berth where their house would be moored, instead of getting titles registered with Land Information New Zealand. Prices are yet to be set.

The houses will be small, spanning 35sqm including a kitchen, living space and laundry on ground level with a mezzanine and bedroom loft.

Mr Webb-Speight says the houses will stand on docked buoyant platforms and be plugged into electrical grids with water and sewage services.

"With land and property becoming scarcer, we need to find ways to better use the water that surrounds the city and we believe this is part of the solution."

A BBC report said experts said on the water homes could be more sustainable, affordable and safer than building on land.

However deputy mayor Penny Hulse is concerned about the effects on the coastal areas.

Mr Webb-Speight says the houses would be ideal for professional couples, or retreats for artists.

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