Mei Fan jury near deliberation

Mei Fan (File)
Mei Fan (File)

After five weeks of evidence, the jury deciding whether Michael Preston is guilty of murdering his estranged wife will now consider its verdict.

The 60-year-old is accused of breaching a protection order and murdering his estranged wife Mei Fan in her Wellington flat on November 8, 2013.

The Crown says Preston stabbed the 37-year-old 15 times leaving the 30cm carving knife embedded in her neck as the "final say in their toxic relationship" after disputing custody of their two children.

Following five weeks of evidence, Justice Joe Williams began summing up the case in the High Court at Wellington this morning.

The case against Preston was circumstantial with a large volume of evidence, including testimony from more than 100 witnesses, he said.

It had been a "long and testing case" but the jury had to find Preston guilty to the standard of beyond reasonable doubt.

Justice Williams warned the jury against any feelings of sympathy or prejudice - whether they found Preston likeable or not.

"Eccentricity is no crime, nor is a difficult personality."

The defence says the Crown's evidence is speculation.

Ms Fan was killed between 9am and 9:50am because the dishes and laundry were left, and Ms Fan hadn't used the internet or answered her phone or text messages since returning from dropping her children off at school.

However, there was not nearly enough time for him to commit murder, clean himself up and then drive into town, in heavy traffic, park and buy two coffees before meeting his lawyer, where he is seen on CCTV footage, Preston's lawyers have argued.

Justice Williams is expected to continue his summing up into the afternoon before the jury retires to consider its verdict.