Organiser unapologetic for 13yo in monster truck stunt

Organiser unapologetic for 13yo in monster truck stunt

WorkSafe is looking into an incident at an A&P show where a 13-year-old girl was placed on the front of a monster truck and driven through a wall of burning planks and straw.

But the man behind it says he's unconcerned at the uproar he's caused and plans to do it again.

Standing on a metal cage at the front of a modified stunt truck and hurtling at a wall of flames sounds a bit risky.

The event organiser persuaded his friend's 13-year-old daughter to go up the front, and he can't see what all the fuss is about.

"I made sure that her parents were aware of the risks, and because of her age I got the application-to-join forms for our operation," says Monster Madness New Zealand organiser Neil Jorgenson.

Mr Jorgenson normally uses his monster truck named Big Bruva to run over cars.

He says he had written permission from the girl's parents and she was wearing flame-resistant overalls, a full face helmet and a wet scarf. He's unapologetic to anyone who says it was dangerous.

"Have they ever tried to do it?" says Mr Jorgenson. "We're doing it, so they can watch and get the enjoyment of watching."

Mr Jorgenson says he was scorched in the incident, but the 13-year-old was unharmed. She couldn't be contacted today and nor could her parents.

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