Police 'really ready to respond' to terror threats

  • 28/11/2015
Police Commissioner Mike Bush (File)
Police Commissioner Mike Bush (File)

Police Commissioner Mike Bush is responsible for more than 8000 officers and keeping New Zealanders safe from violent crime and domestic terrorism.

The scale of that challenge hit home yesterday with the appearance of an Islamic State (IS) video, naming New Zealand among possible targets.

Given that video and the Prime Minister's comment earlier about the threat of IS reaching home soil, Mr Bush says the police are ready for any terror threat.

"We are very practised, and very ready, and very well trained if something does occur in New Zealand, so we're really ready to respond," he says.

"We keep evolving our training, so the Paris attacks a few weeks ago have really made us stop and have a look at our training floor, and that will continue to evolve but our frontline staff are trained in a way that will."

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