Spectre review

Spectre review

James Bond has hit Kiwi cinemas. Yes, Spectre is finally here, but does it deliver?

Awash with the shadows of Bonds gone by, even the name has fans in a lather, and that's just the beginning, as Spectre sees the past once again revisit 007.

Daniel Craig racks up the air miles during this lengthy two-hour, 30-minute chapter, kicking things off with a resounding bang in Mexico City, but touching down in the deserts of Tangier, the snowy mountains of Austria and, of course, lurking around the familiar environs of his hometown, London.

Sam Mendes ups the action stakes from Skyfall, and also introduces a new woman into James's life, Lea Seydoux. She won't be the only Bond girl of course – Monica Belluci is there as well – but she might be the one to watch.

There cannot be a Bond without a Bond villain, and I promise you there most certainly is one. But that's all I have to say about that. In fact, the less said, full-stop, right now, the better.

This is Bond, and one should never pass by the opportunity to enjoy him on the big screen. The opening action sequence is worth the ticket price alone, and for old-school Bond fans, Mendes has worked especially hard to please. 

Casino Royale and then Skyfall set the Bond bar so very high, and when it comes to story especially, Spectre doesn't match either for me.

3.5 stars.

     Spectre:: Director: Sam Mendes :: Starring: Daniel Craig, Monica Bellucci, Christoph Waltz, Léa Seydoux, Ralph Fiennes, Dave Bautista, Ben Whishaw, Naomie Harris:: Rating: M - Violence:: Running Time: 148 mins:: Release Date: In cinemas now