Takapuna Beach gets 24/7 alcohol ban


After years of complaints Takapuna Beach residents have won a small victory, with a 24/7 ban on drinking liquor in the town centre to be introduced just in time for summer.

However there's doubt among residents the ban starting next Sunday will work, with the previous 10pm to 6am prohibition hours proving to be ineffective and often ignored, the New Zealand Herald reports.

Numerous complaints from residents of the Mon Desir Apartments, which lie between the beach and Hurstmere Rd's bar and restaurants, prompted the Devonport-Takapuna local board to enforce the ban.

Liquor ban hours are also extended along the beach and foreshore, starting an hour earlier at 9pm and running an hour later to 7am.

Residents told the Herald young adults were seen fighting, throwing cans and almost getting run over by taxis after preloading with alcohol before going out.

The local board kept bans at Takapuna, Castor Bay and Cheltenham, which has a history of disorderly behaviour and parties around Guy Fawkes, Christmas and New Years', due to enough evidence given by residents.

A review of the alcohol ban bylaw was a result of a change in the Local Government Act, which forced unsupported bans to lapse on October 31.

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