Adults can learn anti-violence message from children - police


Police have released a video showing young boys refusing to hit girls, saying it is something adults can learn from.

The video shows the reactions of a group of young boys who are introduced to a girl.

The boys, aged between 8 and 12, are asked to hug the girl, make her laugh, and – finally – slap her. 

"This video shows very clearly that children know it’s wrong to hit someone – in fact, every single boy refuses to slap the girl, saying it's the wrong thing to do.  Sadly this is a message that too many adults don't understand, but it's the message we want everyone to receive this Christmas – there is no excuse for family violence," says Counties Manukau Community Safety Officer Constable Garry Boles.

December and January are New Zealand’s most high-risk months for family violence, says Const Boles. 

"The release of this video is part of a much wider campaign we are running in Counties Manukau to provide extra support for families, including food parcels, Christmas presents, prevention advice and extra visits to our high-risk families.”

"However we can’t do this alone – we need to work as a community to reduce family violence.  If you believe someone is at risk, please contact your local police."

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