Auckland police focus on Christmas crime spots


Auckland police will be out in force this weekend in a bid to identify crime hot spots ahead of Christmas.

Officers will hone in on areas where offences such as theft from cars, and burglaries occur, as well as shopping centres and party spots.

Extra police staff have been rostered to work from tonight until Sunday morning.

Auckland city area commander Inspector Jill Rogers says police want to focus on areas offenders target during the busy pre-Christmas period.

"We encourage all those who are out and about shopping or enjoying the Christmas spirit to keep themselves and their possessions safe and to ensure they get themselves home safely," Insp Rogers.

"We will be making our presence felt in big shopping areas but we remind people not to leave their purchases or any valuables on display in vehicles, as that only provides opportunist thieves with chances to offend."

Insp Rogers knows a lot more people socialise in the city and their neighbourhoods during this time.

"Make sure you have a plan to get home safely, don't get in your cars if you're drinking and avoid getting into vulnerable situations that others with criminal intent might take advantage of," she says.

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