Baby narrowly misses train

  • 02/12/2015

A baby has narrowly avoided been hit by an oncoming train after the pram carrying it rolled off an Auckland railway platform and onto the tracks.

The double-decker buggy fell off the raised platform at Te Mahia station at Manurewa on Wednesday.

It was originally carrying a toddler as well as the young child but the toddler jumped out and was running around the station before the pram rolled off the platform.

An Auckland Transport spokesperson said the train driver saw the incident up ahead as he was pulling into the station and managed to stop the train about 20 metres short of the pram.

Contrary to media reports, the spokesperson said the baby was not hurt and wasn't taken to hospital.

The two children, along with their male parent, caught the next train.

There was around 15 minutes of delays on the southern line following the incident.