Bargain hunters hit Boxing Day sales

Bargain hunters hit Boxing Day sales

The annual Boxing Day sale pilgrimage took place today, with tens of thousands taking to the malls to hunt out potential bargains.

In Hamilton, police had to issue a special warning to motorists after three accidents near the city's Base shopping centre.

The hunt for post-Christmas bargains started early at Auckland's Sylvia Park, with queues forming outside some stores an hour before they opened.

Once you were inside, it was bargain city – with some sales offering up to 70 percent off.

With summer well and truly here, the beach was front of mind for younger shoppers looking for beach gear and a good pair of shorts.

If you didn't want to face the hectic queues at the mall, there was the option of Trade Me.

So far more than 4000 unwanted Christmas gifts have been listed on the website, like a Star Wars cushion.

Official EFTPOS figures won't be out until Monday, so we won't know just how busy today has been for retailers compared to last year until then. But it does appear the lure of cut-price bargains has proven too hard to resist for thousands of shoppers.

Most sales continue for about a week, but although some retailers are offering up to 70 percent off, it's up to you to face the queues to find them.

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