Changes to seven-year student loans?

Tertiary Education Minister Steven Joyce (Simon Wong / 3 News)
Tertiary Education Minister Steven Joyce (Simon Wong / 3 News)

Tertiary students could be in for a Christmas gift with Minister Steven Joyce dropping a hint changes to seven-year student loan limits could possibly be afoot.

A 21,000-signature petition is set to be presented to Parliament today calling on the Government to remove the limit which was put in place by National.

The New Zealand Medical Students' Association has organised the campaign, with the petition to be received by Labour's health spokeswoman Annette King.

She says the limit prevents doctors, dentists and other professionals from specialising.

The rules benefit those in rich families who are able to study loan-free, Ms King says.

This morning, Mr Joyce said he'd been monitoring the situation, and "if I felt something needed to happen then I would act".

He believes on the whole the scheme is working.

"There is a small group of people for which it is a bit challenging and it is how do you change that if you were to change it without upsetting the thing overall.

"It is a good signal overall for people to get through their study in a reasonable period of time for what is quite an expensive subsidy."

He hinted possible changes were on the horizon before he left a media stand-up this morning for National's caucus meeting.

"Watch this space. Christmas is coming."

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