Christchurch wizard goes back to school

  • 16/12/2015
The Wizard is now officially a Kiwi (Emma Cropper)
The Wizard is now officially a Kiwi (Emma Cropper)

The Wizard is finally a Kiwi citizen, so he can undertake a PhD at Canterbury University and get a student loan.

At the age of 83, it's been more than 40 years since The Wizard, who's originally from the UK, migrated to New Zealand.

He says the Christchurch City Council hurried his application along so he's ready for university in the new year.

"I only got my documents through last week from the Department of Internal Affairs, so I'm very grateful it's been done so quickly."

"It's tremendous, I feel really good about it," The Wizard says.

The Wizard says until now, he hasn't had a reason to become a New Zealander.

"I never got around to it, I suppose; I could get by without it so I didn't bother. Now I need to do it, it's an important time - I'm expanding my operations as a wizard."

"I'm undertaking some post-graduate research and it's a new period of my life starting."

The Wizard will be studying a PhD of Social Science.

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