Dear Ed Sheeran: Andrew Orr's legacy

Dear Ed Sheeran: Andrew Orr's legacy

Once in a while a song comes along that puts into words something you can't express yourself.

For the friends and family of Andrew Orr, otherwise known as 'Paddles', Ed Sheeran's 'Photograph' is that song.

On May 31 this year the 23-year-old was tragically killed in an accident near Oxford, returning from doing something he loved, a 4WD trip.

The Canterbury University law and commerce student was loved by many and has left behind friends and family who are carrying on his legacy.

Andrew Orr (Supplied)

The family will be attending Sheeran's concert in Auckland on Saturday and have made a YouTube video personally thanking the singer for his "gifted song writing and voice of an angel".

Kristin Orr, Andrew's mother, has invited Sheeran to come visit the memorial garden they have built for Andrew at their home in Northland - a garden of hope.

See the video in the player above

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