Fire Service on edge in hot, dry Marlborough

  • 29/12/2015
Fire Service on edge in hot, dry Marlborough

Marlborough firefighters are on high alert as dry weather threatens more scrub fires.

The area's been subject to two major blazes in recent weeks, and hot weather means the area is now deemed high-risk. 

Principal Rural Fire Officer, Richard McNamara, says the summer season has been tough going so far.

"It's consumed over 2000 to 2500 hectares of forest and it's been very expensive for the forest owners concerned," he says. 

"This area is turning into a tinder box. If we can reduce fire starts it'll reduce impact on people, and property loss etc. We've had a few over the last month and it's been draining on firefighters."

Mr McNamara says the efforts have also exhausted crews.