Gadgets to keep your home safe

  • 03/12/2015
Vaughn Davis (Paul Henry)
Vaughn Davis (Paul Henry)

It’s nearly time to pack up and head away for Christmas holidays. But whether you're away for a day or a month, taking everyone with you or leaving the kids on their own, it's nice to know you're family and belongings are protected.

Tech guru Vaughn Davis joined Paul Henry to tell us about the gadgets which can keep your house safe.


The all singing, all dancing system from Spark. Currently on special at $500 then $29.95 a month for mobile data, video and image storage.

Morepork includes motion sensors plus cameras and sends alerts to your phone if anything happens at home and you can even watch video on your phone or apple watch.


A simple plug and go internet-connected security camera. About US$200 on Amazon then $12 a month to save your video feed. It sends alerts to your phone if there is movement and includes a microphone and speaker so you can talk to the burglars. Mine points at the front step so I can see who's been when I'm out.


This is awesome. This is a wifi-connected 9V battery that drops into your smoke alarm and turns it into an internet-connected device that gives you alerts if it's triggered. Great if a fire happens and you're not home, or if you've got an older relative you want to help keep safe. It costs US$65 for two.

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