Government backs Nitbusters for another year

  • 14/12/2015

There'll hopefully be fewer itchy, scratchy heads at some New Zealand schools, with the Government coming up with another $1.1 million to continue the Nitbusters programme for another year.

The programme, run by KidsCan, operates in 111 low decile schools up and down the country, and provides free head lice treatment to families for as long as they need it.

Social Development Minister Anne Tolley says through Nitbusters around 1400 children are checked for head lice each week.

"As a mother and grandmother I know all families will be aware that nits can quickly infest a household and can be an expensive nuisance to eradicate," she said.

The Government first started funding Nitbusters back in 2014.

In November 2014, 43 percent of children who were checked needed treatment for nits. By July 2015 there had been a 16 percent reduction in the number of children needed treatment.