Holograms make customisable cars a reality

Holograms make customisable cars a reality

Two Wellington entrepreneurs have created an interactive hologram technology that could change the way you purchase your next car.

The hologram gives the illusion that a car is 3D and it can be fully customised with the flick of a finger, using a computer.

"You can literally interact with it through touch. You can choose your different wheels, different colours; you can rotate the car so you can look at the exhaust pipes," says Neville Rodda.

Rodda and Chris Mather came up with the idea at a Christmas party just four weeks ago; both men work out of Wellington’s technology hub BizDojo.

They believe it's the first customisable hologram of its kind and say they've already had a lot of interest from companies wanting to use it in car dealerships.

"That's the next stage for us, let's build a life-size car in a dealership," says Rodda.

They also hope it can be used in schools to help children learn, in museums, and even in hospitals to help doctors prepare for surgeries.

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