Kiwis find Boxing Day sales easier online


Kiwis are turning to online shopping on Boxing Day, with a third of those surveyed in MasterCard's Christmas shopping research claiming in-store shopping is "stressful and not worth the hassle".

A total of 41 percent of respondents said it was easier to shop online then go into stores, and 66 percent of New Zealanders regularly shop online.

While 54 percent said they still preferred to check goods in store before purchasing either in the store or online, 18 percent said they research online for Boxing Day deals and then go in stores, while 13 percent will opt just for shopping in stores.

"As the prevalence and popularity of online shopping increases, people can find deals from the comfort of their own home rather than going into the store during the rush," says country manager for MasterCard New Zealand Peter Chisnall.

The survey found that although only 4 percent of Kiwis hold off buying gifts until Boxing Day, 25 percent intend to shop on Boxing Day as well as their Christmas shopping.

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