Neighbourly gesture leaves Wellington couple speechless


It is an unfortunate reality, but for some, Christmas can be the hardest time of year.

With increased financial strain brought about by presents, travel and food bills – the festive season can be crippling for those among us already struggling to make ends meet.

This is why when one Wellington couple awoke to find their car tyres had been slashed overnight, the collateral damage was far greater than the vandal may have realised.

What the offender probably didn't realise was the couple had been going through some tough times.

In and out of hospital 30 times throughout this year, Josh Carwell-Cooke has spent that time coming to terms with Crohn's disease along with diabetes and pancreatitis.

"It all hit the wall about the beginning of last year, but I'm slowly getting there," he says.

In an open letter left on his car's windscreen, Mr Carwell-Cooke states how the act of cruelty had ruined Christmas for him and his partner Amber, forcing them to spend money they had reserved for presents and travel to see family on fixing the vehicle.


Both initially from Palmerston North, the couple almost saw their plans to travel around the country visiting family totally dismantled.

That was however, until one neighbouring resident, Rose Moore, decided to take to Facebook and do something about it.

Seeing the car and the message, Ms Moore took a picture and posted directly to Beaurepaires' Facebook page, asking the company if there was anything they could do to help out.

Beaurepaires digital marketing executive, Annabel Henderson-Morrell, says the New Zealand-owned tyre retailer jumped at the opportunity to pitch in.

"One of our staff members went out and met Rose and he replaced the two tyres that had been damaged there on the street."

But she says without people like Ms Moore, this type of thing may not have ever been acknowledged and fixed.

"Rose is the real hero of this story, and we just really wanted to say thanks to her for giving us the opportunity to spread some Christmas cheer."

Beaurepaires has extended their Christmas deed further than just a couple of new tyres, offering both Ms Moore and her neighbour a free car service at the Beaurepaires on Thorndon Quay.

It's a gesture which Mr Carwell-Cooke says has saved him and Amber from the Grinch who tried to steal their Christmas.

"I'm just absolutely speechless. Just after the last 18 months, a total stranger has networked this overnight. I can't put into words how much of a relief this is."

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