NZ dairy needs to act on SAFE ad – expert

Mike Lee (Paul Henry)
Mike Lee (Paul Henry)

The country's dairy industry needs to act quickly to reassure customers after a campaign alleging animal cruelty was placed in a British newspaper, a marketing expert says.

SAFE has commissioned a $10,000 advertisement in The Guardian showing dead calves in a glass of milk, with the caption, "New Zealand dairy contaminated with cruelty."

University of Auckland marketing lecturer Mike Lee says the dairy industry needs to "fight fire with fire" and address the problem.

"I don't think you should back away because it's out there now, and this is the type of image that will be posted and re-posted," he told the Paul Henry programme this morning.

"They really need to just assure the rest of the world that this is minority."

It could be used as an opportunity for New Zealand to raise awareness as to "just how good" its dairy practices are, Mr Lee says.

"Will the media take this story up in the UK or in other countries? And will they turn the spotlight on their own domestic practices?

"That could be another thing that could benefit New Zealand quite a lot because I know the majority of our farmers do actually treat their animals very well."

SAFE say they will hold off on any further advertising as they wait to see what happens.

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