Palmerston North drink spiking prompts police warning


Palmerston North police are warning pub-goers to be on the alert for drink spiking. 

Detective Sergeant Gary Milligan says there have been two reported incidents of the behaviour, which allegedly occurred in the central city.

The women involved weren’t harmed, but neither had consumed much alcohol and suffered the effects of drink spiking including feeling light-headed or dizzy, memory loss, numbness, feeling unwell and in one case being violently ill the next day.

Police say it only takes a second to spike a drink and the effects of these drugs can start in 10 to 20 minutes making a person sleepy, dizzy, uninhibited, relaxed, and open to suggestion. 

They say this is when women are at risk of rape and sexual assault.

Police are warning those out celebrating to be on the lookout for drink spiking and take the following precautions when at a bar, club or party:

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