Police praise farm security for stopping theft

Police praise farm security for stopping theft

Police are investigating an attempted theft of fuel from a property in Waikato overnight, and are urging other farmers in the area to make sure their properties are secure.

Senior Sergeant Andrew O'Reilly says police were called to the Starkey Rd property around 2:10am, and arrested one of two offenders at the scene.

According to police, the owner of the property had been alerted by his security system that something was awry on the property and say he went to investigate.

He found a man walking around near his fuel pumps, and proceeded ask him as to why he was on the property.

"The man claimed his car, a red Holden Commodore, had overheated and broken down," says Sen Sgt O'Reilly.

After hearing this, the farmer went to check on his fuel pump and contact police when he noticed a second man roaming around who claimed he was helping the first man check his radiator.

When police arrived at the scene the two men tried to run and Sen Sgt O'Reilly says an 18-year-old Morrinsville man was apprehended and admitted to trying to steal fuel.

He is to appear before the Hamilton District Court today on charges of attempted burglary and possessing an offensive weapon.

Police have also identified the other man on the property, but he remains at large.

Sen Sgt O'Reilly says the farmer's security systems on the farm allowed for a prompt response and subsequent arrest.

"What we ask is that farmers don’t put themselves at risk but, as in the case here they relay information to us as quickly as possible. We ask people to consider securing things like fuel bowsers, install CCTV systems and even gate alarms."

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