Robots, Frozen and water balloons top Christmas lists

Robots, Frozen and water balloons top Christmas lists

Christmas is looming, Santa's lists are underway and many parents will have begun trying to figure out what the most popular presents are.

Lifelike and robotic toys are driving sales this year.

Star Wars robot BB8 is quick, quirky and quite likely to roll into thousands of Kiwi homes this Christmas.

The Sphero robot is just one dozens of Stars Wars-themed toys - always best sellers now there's the bonus of the new film.

"[We have] still got a month to go until Christmas, but if you want some happy children on Christmas Day I recommend getting in a bit early," says Warehouse New Zealand toy buyer Lonnica Van Englen.

Popular choices are toys that move, like Zoomer Dino.

"Mums and dads can enjoy playing with it because it's just a bit of fun and something quite new and unique," says Ms van Englen.

Toys that make a noise are also popular.

Talking toys have always been popular. Back in 2005 it was the Furby that was top of the list; now it's the talking Keet. Then of course it's the family favourites that come back year after year, better than ever.

Barbie and Bratz dolls make way for those like Monster High, while hell is likely to freeze over before Frozen disappears.

Up and away the most fun for kids of all ages is Bunch O Balloons – 100 water balloons filled in 60 seconds with one turn of the tap.

"Immensely popular – I've been in the business 35 years and I've never seen a toy move so fast," says Bunch O Balloons agent Geoff Lyons. "It's incredible."

It just goes to prove toys don't need to cost the earth to make a splash.

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