Survey reveals Kiwi workers' annoying traits

Survey reveals Kiwi workers' annoying traits

Everyone has an annoying co-worker, and if you don't think you do then maybe that person is you.

So what irritates Kiwi workers the most? People who talk over others, according to a list just released by Colmar Brunton.

Of all the 1000 Kiwis polled, 36 percent ranked "The Dominator" as the worst person to work with, followed by "The Untidy One" with 26 percent.

"The Megaphone" – the loud talker who has exaggerated conversations – and "The Lingerer", who hangs around to talk even though you don't want to, were tied for third place at 25 percent.

Colmar Brunton account manager Jessica Balbas says the kinds of people who made the list are commonly found across New Zealand workplaces.

But she says someone could be that annoying person without even realising it.

"What the survey shows is that while we are quick to recognise faults and annoying habits among our workmates, we may be lacking a little bit of self-awareness or honesty about our own behaviours," Ms Balbas says.

When people were asked which annoying habits they possessed, 20 percent described themselves as pen clickers, while 14 percent said they were "backseat workers" who answer questions aimed at someone else.

Only 12 percent admitted to being untidy, while 10 percent admitted to butting in on conversations and 3 percent said they’re the one who leaves the photocopier jammed.

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