Tourist numbers put pressure on Kiwi businesses

Tourist numbers put pressure on Kiwi businesses

If you haven't booked for your summer holiday yet, forget it.

New Zealand is packed with a record number of visitors from north to south, making accommodation and rental vehicles almost impossible to get in some places.

Queenstown is hectic – so hectic that many visitors are having trouble going where they want.

One couple 3 News spoke to wanted to hire a car to take to Christchurch, but because it is so busy they've opted for a bus.

Last month visitors through the airport were up by more than 20 percent on last year. That's almost 133,000 people.

The busy holiday season is stretching hotels, motels and campgrounds, with visitors attracted by events like Rhythm and Alps.

Rental car companies aren't escaping the mounting pressure either.

Maxed out, Jucy Rentals is buying more fleet vehicles to deal with the high demand and help ease stressed tourists. 

"Yeah, panic initially, panic on their face – you know, for us we're doing the best we can to supply what we can," Kat van Dyk from XXXXXXXXXXX says.

It's the same in many parts of the country; Napier's among those preparing for an onslaught of summer tourists.

Nationally tourism numbers are up 9 percent. The Tourism Industry Association says this summer's on track to be a record.

"Without doubt this will be a record summer season. We will have more visitors than ever before and that brings with it some challenges," chief executive Chris Roberts says.

Those challenges are easier to solve for some than others.

"I just found my solution; the bike, the tent and I'll just be tenting and biking, and that should sort it out," tourist Logan Geeves says.  

And quite a few others might end up in tents as well, but not by choice.

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