What to do on Christmas if it's sunny


Christmas Day is just around the corner and people all over New Zealand are busy scurrying to tie up all the loose ends before the big day arrives.

For Christmas lovers, plans for December 25 are already set in stone, and the cogs are in motion to bring that day of festive delight to fruition.

For others, Christmas day is still undecided, buried underneath a mountain of finishing up work, buying presents and food bills.

All we know at this stage is that Christmas in New Zealand means good weather and at the very least one day off work – so how could you spend the big day if the weather turns out?

Backyard sports tournament: Whether you're into cricket, badminton, volleyball, petanque or touch – it doesn’t matter. Get the family out and get the blood pumping. It's the perfect way to counteract all the food you'll be likely consuming.

BBQ: Throw that ham or turkey on the BBQ and get your family eating outside. This one takes a bit of foresight, because cooking times will vary to that of a conventional oven, but there are lots of recipes online if you need inspiration.

Road trip: This is a great idea for smaller families. Get everybody piled into the car and go for a scenic drive. Make stops on the way and get some of that Vitamin D on the skin.

Beach: Go to the beach, you could even make it part of a road trip and make it a stop on your journey. Lap up those rays and feel that sand between your toes. You may even be able to take a portable BBQ and a chilly bin down there too.

Picnic: Take your family out to a reserve or somewhere scenic and eat your Christmas meal somewhere different.

Bush walk: Throw on those hiking boots and get out to one of New Zealand's beautiful walking tracks. If you aren’t sure where to go, check out the Department of Conservation's website.

Volunteer: Christmas is a wonderful occasion, but it can also be a particularly hard time for some people who have nowhere to go. Check out the charities and organisations around you, and get the family down the road to help out. Whether it is at the City Mission or elsewhere, you can guarantee a day spent doing charity will brighten up the day for not only you, but others too.

Camping: Pack up those bags, get yourself in the car and go off the grid for a couple of days.

Bike ride: Spend the day exploring the streets in your neighbourhood while sitting on top of your alloy steed.

Water sports: Get yourself to some water and splash about. There is nothing better than slip, slop, slapping and splashing.

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