Alternative flag to fly on Auckland Harbour Bridge

  • 20/01/2016
The Silver Fern flag was designed by Kyle Lockwood
The Silver Fern flag was designed by Kyle Lockwood

New Zealand's possible new flag will soon be hoisted alongside the current one on Auckland's Harbour Bridge, so that Kiwis can get a chance to compare the two ahead of the upcoming referendum.

New Zealanders will vote on whether they prefer the black, white and blue Silver Fern over the current flag comprising the Union Jack and Southern Cross between March 3 and 24.

The Silver Fern, designed by Kyle Lockwood, was selected from a choice of five options in the first round of the referendum.

The Harbour Bridge is one of 250 locations around the country that have the alternative flag on loan from the Flag Consideration Project.

"The proposed alternative flag will be flown alongside the current flag each day on the Auckland Harbour Bridge until the end of the referendum period, except for Waitangi Day when the current flag will be flown alongside the Tino Rangatiratanga flag," says Transport Minister Simon Bridges.

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters says the move to hoist the flag on the landmark is a bridge too far.

"It risks a repeat of the 10 bridges debacle in the Northland by-election and we all know the final outcome of that," he says.

"[John Key] thumbed his nose at democracy and fairness by insisting on a dodgy process, and shouted his preference for a silver fern flag."

Mr Peters said the Prime Minister tried to "mould public preferences" by listing the options one to five in the referendum.

The alternative flag will fly on the bridge from January 22 until March 24.

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