Aranui home wrongly attracts drug users

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Drug users have been turning up unwanted at an Aranui home day and night, all trying to buy their latest fix.

Much to the tenant's surprise her address was advertised as a drug house on Facebook, stating illegal drugs could be purchased from the home.

The tenant, Sarah, says she's been inundated with drug-seeking customers ever since.

"We've just had people randomly showing up at the door every hour of the day, and some of them will say 'Oh I'm here for a tinny or a 20', and others will just say nothing and give me $20, so I'll have to say 'I don't think you're at the right place'," Sarah said.

It isn't the first time this type of incident has happened in New Zealand - Facebook pages selling drugs and other random goods attract thousands of followers online.

And although NetSafe admits it's difficult to prevent, they say social media can be monitored closely and the posts can be quickly removed.

"Facebook has terms and conditions and certainly promoting false illegal activity would breach those, so we would say work with Facebook and try and get those pages or that content removed," NetSafe executive director Martin Cocker said.

However as a mother of two young children, Sarah says it's been a frightening experience.

"They're at the age where they will ask questions about who that was and it sort of sets the dog off. Sometimes it's their bedtime and the dog will start barking, so it's a big commotion," she explained.

Police declined to comment on this particular case, but say they are aware of a number of online sites being used for this type of activity and are monitioring them.

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