Budget 'ballooned' for Wellington cycleway


There are claims the budget for the controversial Island Bay cycleway project in Wellington has ballooned.

The initial cost was $1.7 million but today there are claims that the figure's now $2 million out, and city councillor Paul Eagle says heads need to roll.

"There was always a feeling that this was going to be pushed through," Mr Eagle says. "Some of my colleagues want to get a political win, it's an election year this year, some want to leave a political legacy. If that is the case then it's disgraceful."

A spokesperson for the council says Mr Eagle is wrong about the cost and the project is still on track to open in February, but Mr Eagle isn't backing down.

"I'm responsible for spending other people's money; one dollar over budget is one dollar too much. What I'm wanting is accountability," he says.

The cycleway along The Parade has been the subject of a number of protests since it was first suggested in in 2011.