Carterton balloon crash photographer arrested in Uganda - reports

Geoff Walker (Facebook)
Geoff Walker (Facebook)

The family of a New Zealand photographer reportedly arrested in Uganda say they're trying to figure out what's happened to him.

Geoff Walker, who took graphic photos of the fatal Carterton balloon crash, was reportedly taken into custody for taking photos around the Rubongi Army Barracks.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade says it is aware of reports a "New Zealanders is being questioned by the police in Uganda".

"The New Zealand Embassy in Addis Ababa is following up with the authorities," MFAT says in a statement.

Mr Walker's family says they've been "working tirelessly to try and get in contact with people over in Uganda".

They've also been in touch with MFAT to figure out "where he is, that he is safe and what the process is to ensure his safe release".

In a statement, they thanked people for their thoughts and prayers for Mr Walker.

Walker had tried to stop the publication of photos he took of the doomed hot air balloon flight in Carterton but last year dropped his appeal.

Eleven people died in the crash on January 7, 2012.

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