Convicted sex offender asks for second chance

Convicted sex offender asks for second chance

A convicted sex offender is asking for a second chance after a social media controversy ended his connection with a Christian charity.

The Christchurch man was jailed in the early 2000s for around two dozen crimes against children.

Allen Malsen claims he has found God. With his 22 sex convictions in the past, he wants another go at life.

"I was 14, 15 years old when I offended," he says. "I have never sexually offended again since and I've had no desire to."

The convict was caught in a firestorm after visiting the Christian food bank, 0800 Hungry, over Christmas.

He came in for counselling but ended up driving a delivery van for around an hour to cover a shift.

Kerry Bunsemann, 0800 Hungry's CEO, says he assessed the risk and decided with Malsen in the van and just driving, there wouldn't be a threat to the public.

Some locals are now calling for a boycott, flooding the charity's Facebook page with abusive messages.

But Mr Bensemann says the man was monitored closely and was honest about his past.

"I look at him as a frightened guy who's trying to get himself together, has and admitted his past," he says.

Malsen was jailed again last year for a breach of an extended supervision order.

A Corrections Department report found his behaviour was extremely concerning, including a pattern of deception and an inability to manage his own risk.

Speaking on the condition his face was hidden, Malsen claimed it was his last foray into crime.

"I'm not going to lie anymore," he says. "I give my life to Christ. I don't want to hurt anyone, I never want to go back to jail. I want to remain offence-free."

He's asking for a shot at redemption and a chance to prove himself.

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