Drunk driver stopped carrying children

Drunk driver stopped carrying children

A drunk driver carrying three pre-schoolers, two of whom were unrestrained, and two other intoxicated adults was pulled over by police last night.

The vehicle was travelling through Mission Bay around 10:20pm when police on motorcycles noticed the vehicle drift across the centreline. Police then followed the car and pulled it over.

Inspector Andy King says the driver of the vehicle blew 856mcg of alcohol per litre of breath, putting her well over the legal limit.

"That result is well over treble the adult limit and, had our officers not intervened when they did, there's no telling how that journey might have ended for her, her passengers or others using the road."

According to police, a three-year-old and a four-year-old were also found unrestrained in the back seat of the car.

Another 18-month-old baby was in the car also, but was restrained.

"It beggars belief that parents could choose to put such precious cargo as their own children in such vulnerable situations," Insp King says.

A referral regarding the children has been made to CYF and the driver has been charged with excess breath alcohol, but further charges may be laid.

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