Elderly person loses $10K to scammers

  • 18/01/2016

Scammers have targeted a sight-impaired elderly person in rural Canterbury, stealing more than $10,000 after tricking them into handing over their bank card.

The scam artists, believed to a man and woman, began by calling their target multiple times on Saturday morning, beginning by discussing their phone service before changing the conversation to their bank.

As one scammer was on the phone, another arrived at the victim's Methven home and claimed to be a representative from Kiwibank.

They asked for their debit card and provide a Prezzy card in return.

The duo went on to steal more than $10,000 using the card at Rolleston and Christchurch ATMs.

When the victim told a family member about the cold call, they realised they had been scammed and contacted the bank and police.

"The scammers, at least one man and one woman, appear plausible and knowledgeable but can be pushy," Detective Sergeant Jennifer Hooke said today.

"In this instance the scammers appear to have targeted someone who, while they live alone, are vulnerable."

"If any cold callers knocks on your door, put the security chain on so that they cannot gain access before you open it."

Police are seeking information from anyone who has experienced a similar scam in the Canterbury area.