End of an era as Newshub launches

End of an era as Newshub launches

3 News tonight marks the end of an era. From tomorrow our daily news and sport will be called Newshub.

Of course, it's not the first time we've had a makeover – there have been some key changes since TV3 began back in 1989.

The television set was really the only way we used to be able to watch visual news back in 1989 – no digital apps then.

3 National converted an old dairy factory into a television station, and it churned out news under that name for nine years.

In 1991, TV3 was first to switch to a one-hour news bulletin starting at 6pm, and in 1998 the name changed to just "3 News".

Fashion changed, hairstyles changed and owners changed. Late news developed a cult following. 

Morning television came along in 2007, and was first to introduce radio with pictures last year.

Sports have always been a feature, with our reporters sometimes putting their bodies on the line and often caught in the crossfire.

We've come to you from all corners of the globe, being there first and staying behind for the story when others have fled, changing lives with investigations, and sometimes simply just changing it up a bit with the lighter moments.

You'll notice that old dairy factory-turned-news-studio has had another "zhush" tomorrow. There's a new name, but as for content some things never change.

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