Fairlie good pies get worldwide attention

Fairlie good pies get worldwide attention

A south Canterbury bakery is quickly becoming a hot spot for the best pie in the region, with queues stretching out the door every day for the past fortnight.

Not even a 30degC day can put the pie lovers off their daily fix in Fairlie.

Rain or shine, they've been lining up at the Fairlie Bakehouse all summer, just to get their hands on one of Franz Lieber's famous pies.

But now the glowing reviews are turning up online – they're big on Trip Advisor and they're attracting hundreds of pastry fans from all over the world.

"When we had this big on show over the Christmas-New Year period it was just phenomenal really, it was just so successful," says Mr Lieber. "We made so many pies. I think we sold about 1400 pies a day just in the shop alone without the wholeselling."

What started out as a small step towards retirement for Mr Lieber has now turned into a multi award-winning business.

His other big seller is a pulled pork number with apple sauce and crackling, but the regulars say even his standard mince and steak offerings have got something special.

But the man who hand-makes and taste-tests every batch puts his pies' popularity down to what lies between the pastry – fresh local ingredients.

"I've always cooked all the filings for the last seven years, there's not really anyone else who touches the fillings," he says.

And this kitchen has never been busier – up to 1800 pies are made freshly onsite each morning.

But the influx means Mr Lieber's next task is finding more room for customers and he says he'd quite like to expand the shop.

It's a move that will ensure Fairlie's finest will continue to please the hordes of pastry lovers from all over the world, making a beeline for his bakery.

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