Fishermen rescued in Bay of Islands

  • 11/01/2016
(Coastguard Bay of Islands)
(Coastguard Bay of Islands)

Three people needed to be rescued in the Bay of Islands this morning after their fishing vessel struck rocks.

A distress call was made shortly before 4am, but contact was lost.

Coastguard spokesperson, Georgie Smith, says a search north of Whale Bay found three people under a cliff in Howe Bay.

"They were able to get all three people safely on board Bay Rescue. They were shaken, mildly hypothermic, but other than that they were cohesive [sic] and the Coast Guard volunteers have taken them back to Doves Bay to meet with an awaiting ambulance."


Ninety percent of the 12-metre vessel is now underwater and the Harbourmaster has been notified because it has 1600 litres of diesel on board.