Greens aim to get rid of glyphosate

  • 19/01/2016
Greens aim to get rid of glyphosate

The Greens are launching a campaign to halt the use of one of the most commonly used weed killers in the country.

The Spray-free Streets and Parks campaign, which will be launched at Northcote's Onepoto Domain today, is calling for the Environmental Protection Agency to reassess the safety of glyphosate.

The chemical - first sold in Round Up in the 1970s - is widely used by councils in parks and streets around the country, says Green MP Steffan Browning.

However, despite the World Health Organisation classifying glyphosate as probably carcinogenic, it was still legal to use it on public spaces and around the home, he said.

"Our parks and neighbours should be safe places for children, free of harmful sprays that risk making people seriously ill.

"There is no good reason for local councils to be using glyphosate when safe alternatives for controlling weeds, such as hot water treatment, weed trimmers and mulching, exist."