Insight into the bizarre world of competitive tickling


Film maker and former Newsworthy presenter David Farrier is tickled pink by the rave reviews that have been rolling in for his debut documentary.

Tickled, which explores the bizarre world of competitive tickling, premiered at the annual Sundance Film Festival in Utah last night.

Carthew Neal, Dominic Fryer, David McLaren, Simon Koldrick, David Farrier, George Whipple, Debbie King, Dylan Reeve, Mel Bailey-Reeve, Hal Karp and Marcia Hoffman attend the Tickled Premiere during the 2016 Sundance Film Festival (Getty)

Farrier says the documentary was a culmination of two years' work, beginning as a Kickstarter project.

"I wanted to make a doco to put on Vimeo, and maybe people could pay $5 to download it. So I went to the US and started shooting it, and when I got back I just found that the story was much bigger than I thought it was. It deserved a bigger treatment."

Hundreds of people bankrolled the project including British comedian Stephen Fry, and just a day since its first screening Farrier says he's been overwhelmed by the raft of positive reviews.

Director David Farrier and director Dylan Reeve attend the Tickled Premiere (Getty)

Write ups by Variety magazine, the Hollywood Reporter and Screen Daily are among the tidal wave of praise.

"I've always read the Hollywood Reporter on movies I want to see and watch, and so for them to say that this is a documentary worth watching… I was amazed by it."

Farrier, who created the film alongside Dylan Reeve, says the documentary has three more screenings at Sundance.

"So the idea of the festival is you show your film and hopefully someone buys it, and at the moment we are waiting to see whether that'll happen or not. So I'm sort of just waiting... It's a big waiting game."

He says the overwhelming feedback is a great start for the future of the film, and is hopeful the offers roll in.

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