Netflix cracks down on foreign access in NZ


Netflix has followed through on its warning to close a loophole allowing New Zealanders to stream shows through the American version.

Kiwi subscribers were able to essentially trick Netflix through an internet blocker which made it seem as though they were living in the US.

Like many Kiwis, Caitlin Davidson and Stan Gogan are hooked on Netflix's hit documentary series Making A Murderer.

It's something they can access on New Zealand Netflix -- but there's plenty of content they can't.

Thanks to a well-known loophole, many users have been able to watch that content on the US version.

While Ms Davidson and Mr Gogan acknowledge they've been bending the rules, they say it's better than piracy because they still pay a Netflix subscription.

Gorilla Technology CEO Paul Spain says some people will cancel their Netflix subscriptions if they can't reach the international content catalogue and may go back to pirating directly again.

The reason for the block is because Netflix buys content from US networks and those networks have separately sold that content to broadcasters around the world.

If it's available on Netflix as well, it means the broadcasters may lose viewers.

Despite a recent warning of such a move, it's still caught some viewers off guard.

Ms Davidson and Mr Gogan are among those who believe there should be a 'global' version of Netflix, so everyone has access to the same shows.

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