Possible pigeon poisoning under investigation

  • 15/01/2016
Possible pigeon poisoning under investigation

Spicy food is thought to be the cause of mass pigeon poisoning in Auckland.

A number of birds were spotted by local residents and passers-by this week acting unwell and dying near Vector Arena.

SPCA Auckland chief executive Andrea Midgen says it's not the first time the birds have suffered from apparent poisoning. On the first occasion, it was put down to them eating food found on the ground but this time the society is determined to get to the bottom of things.

"This time we're going to check it out more thoroughly and see what's going on," Ms Midgen told RadioLIVE.

One leading theory on the cause of the birds' sickness is that they have been eating chilli-flavoured instant noodles found on the ground.

"Chilli is not good - it basically burns their insides," says Mr Midgen.

"We really just have to investigate and see what's there. It's a weird kind of food for people to be dropping around a stadium".

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