Rain brings relief for north Canterbury farmers

  • 19/01/2016
Rain brings relief for north Canterbury farmers

Drought-stricken farmers in north Canterbury are breathing a sigh of relief following three days of drizzly rain.

Federated Farmers' north Canterbury meat and fibre chairman, Dan Hodgen, says they region has had around 20mm or rain in total, but every drop counts.

"It's still only mid-January so we've got the hottest month in front of us, historically, so I guess we need to keep getting more," he says.

"I wouldn't go as far as to say the drought's been broken but we've take the first step."

He says the area needs light, constant rain.

"You don't want a heavy downpour at the end of a drought that comes in for an afternoon and dumps a heaps and then disappears because it just runs off, so that nice slow-soaking rain soaks in beautifully and makes a difference."