Rodeo activists protest in Whangarei

Rodeo activists in Whangarei today (Supplied)
Rodeo activists in Whangarei today (Supplied)

Rodeo activists who protested outside the Warkworth rodeo despite its cancellation are back – this time protesting outside the Whangarei rodeo.

Last weekend around 40 protestors from the Direct Animal Action group showed up in the rain outside the Warkworth rodeo calling on the Government to implement a nationwide ban.

Around the same amount of activists appeared again outside the Whangarei rodeo in Maungatapere at 11:30am today.

Direct Animal Action spokesperson Kathleen Lafferty says they felt supported by the public and received toots of support from passers-by.

"We know that Kiwis don't like animal cruelty. A petition supported by the SPCA against rodeo has received around 30,000 signatures and a poll has shown 89 percent of the public want rodeo banned," she says.

"Investigations reveal that animals are regularly abused at rodeos in our country. This season a horse has already died after it became stuck in a fence. Last season two bulls were so severely injured that they had to be euthanized."

The activists plan to protest and different rodeo events throughout the country, including the Warkworth rodeo, which was postponed.

Rodeos are partially banned in Britain, other parts of Europe and areas of the US and Australia.

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