Woman welcomes naming of serial attacker

Woman welcomes naming of serial attacker

A Hamilton woman has criticised police for not naming the man linked by DNA to a string of sexual assaults in Hamilton back in 2007.

According to Fairfax Media, Mark Allan Nixon can now be named as the former bouncer who police say was their main suspect.

Nixon fled to Australia during the hunt for a serial rapist, died after being arrested for unrelated charges which called for his DNA to be taken.

Police then closed the case but refused to name the man, enraging one of his victims.

The 51-year-old, Nixon's third victim, told Fairfax she had felt sick knowing the man who raped her wouldn’t be named publicly even after death.

She says the only justice she can get now is "having the bastard's name out there".

"I have to live what he did, every day. He's dead now and he'll never be charged. But why treat him like a victim?"

The woman, who was approached by Nixon as she sat in Hamilton's CBD had samples of DNA taken from her at the time, which have subsequently been matched to him.

At the time of the sexual assault, he had been working as a doorman at Hamilton nightclubs.

A nationwide enquiry was launched, and operation Phil began to track down the offender.

In 2015 a DNA profile was matched with a Kiwi living in Perth.

According to Fairfax, Detective Inspector Chris Page who headed the manhunt from the start, requested the details of the DNA, and last Saturday the identity of the Hamilton rapist was confirmed.

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