5.0 earthquake near Seddon

  • 22/02/2016
5.0 earthquake near Seddon

A 5.0 magnitude earthquake has struck near Seddon in the Marlborough region.

It was labelled severe on GeoNet and located 25km south-east of Seddon and 8km deep.

Cosy Corner Cafe worker Ruth Kamo says she was standing at the counter serving a customer a milkshake when she felt the earthquake.

"You know how you can see the waves on the sea, that's what it felt like was going underneath your feet," she says.

"For the few minutes directly after that earthquake you feel like you're still moving, but it's what they call vertigo apparently."

However, a woman from the Starborough Tavern in Seddon says the earthquake wasn't all that impressive. 

"The glasses didn't even clink together," she says.

It comes on the day of the five year anniversary of the Christchurch earthquake.

St John spokesperson Ian Henderson says there have been no phone calls or any reports of injuries from the earthquake to the clinical control centre.

"Obviously the timing of this earthquake -- on the fifth anniversary of the Christchurch earthquake -- means earthquakes are front and centre of peoples minds. We urge everyone in Marlborough to make sure they're emergency packs are prepared, and to check on their friends, family and neighbours, especially those who are ill, frail or alone," he says.