Auckland spa pool closed by legionella reopens

(Tepid Baths Pool and Leisure Centre)
(Tepid Baths Pool and Leisure Centre)

The spa pool at the Tepid Baths in central Auckland that closed down two weeks ago after testing positive for legionella bacteria has been reopened.

The spa was opened again yesterday afternoon after negative test results were received and treatment had been undergone in accordance to recommendations by the Auckland Regional Public Health Service.

"We take health protection very seriously and as soon as we were informed of the positive result, the pool was shut immediately," says Auckland Council acting manager leisure Michael Groom.

Legionella bacteria can cause pneumonia-type illness called Legionnaires' disease and a mild flu-like illness called Pontiac fever.

The pool will be monitored over the next three months to make sure testing for the bacteria remains negative.

A new cleaning plan has been rolled out throughout Auckland Council leisure facilities to minimise the risk of future occurrences of the bacteria.