Aucklanders set to lose homes in motorway plan

Aucklanders set to lose homes in motorway plan

Some south Auckland residents say they feel ignored, after plans were confirmed to bulldoze dozens of homes for a new expressway.

One long-time resident says she has no idea what's she'll do if the plan goes ahead.

For Annabel Haddrell and Eve Osborne, Totara Park isn't just home; it's paradise. But soon it won't look so green, with Auckland Transport planning to build a four-lane expressway right through their homes.

"It's just shattering really," says Ms Haddrell. "It is."

Ms Haddrell and her husband have lived there for 46 years. It's where their children grew up, and now their grandchildren.

While their home won't be demolished for the expressway, Ms Haddrell says it will be right on her doorstep, potentially devaluing her home. She doesn't know what they'll do if the plan goes ahead.

"Who knows?" she says. "It would depend entirely on what we could sell the property for, if we could sell it. Otherwise we're stuck with it."

Yesterday a panel of commissioners gave their tick of approval to the $300 million project, which includes a massive reconstruction of Redoubt Rd through to Mill Rd and part of Murphys Rd. That's where Ms Osborne is affected. The proposed expressway would go right through her house. 

"We thought that we would live here for the rest of our lives," says Ms Osborne. "That's what we want to do."

Hers is one of 59 homes set to be demolished. Some have only recently been built.

Before she bought her place several years ago, she says Auckland Council assured the house wouldn't be affected by new roads.

Now it's potentially going. She's also worried about the thousands of square metres of native bush that will go with it.

"Let's keep this biodiversity, which as you can see is alive and healthy and strong."

Auckland Transport declined requests for an interview, but said it expects to make its final decision by early May.