Boy racer crashes drop after 'crusher' law

  • 16/02/2016
Police Minister Judith Collins (Simon Wong)
Police Minister Judith Collins (Simon Wong)

Boy racer crashes have more than halved since a new law was introduced allowing cars to be seized and destroyed, new figures show.

Police Minister Judith Collins says since the introduction of the Sentence Amendment (Vehicle Confiscation) Act 2009, street racing crashes, injuries and deaths have dropped dramatically.

The figures, collated over a 15-year period, show seven deaths and a total of 70 crashes in 2001, as opposed to no deaths and a total of 15 crashes in 2015.

"When I passed this legislation in 2009, I said that confiscating and destroying the vehicles of the worst, repeat offenders would be the ultimate deterrent," the Minister said.

The law's critics had "completely missed the point" and the law was working exactly as intended, she said.